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Creating an affordable solution, without the high costs and risks of large conventional mining farms, we discovered a niche with few players that assure a reliable offer of the following services to the crypto community.

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When looking for a strategic partner in crypto mining, we must seek to ally ourselves with an intelligent team and an effective strategy.

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We diversify the risk, we use technology to take care of the largest investment, the miners.
The majority of accidents can be prevented by applying technologies that enable early detection of malfunction indicators in a system. This is where we invest our resources!

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Bitcoin mining is not a simple process. After much experience in the field, we have created a profitable and scalable business model.
While profitability is important, it is even more crucial to have a partner capable of solving problems, with expertise in the most effective approach to achieve a swift resolution.
It is possible to prevent problems, but it is not realistic to believe that we will never encounter them. That is why having a team that works like partners, minimizing downtime and capital losses, becomes essential.

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We do NOT make money by cutting expenses

The business model that crypto mining companies present to private clients seeks to reduce fixed costs, conditioned to achieving a competitive rate, gathering large capital from them.
At SAM we earn money by setting up immersion mining farms in liquid, our real challenge is to obtain the best final price per TH/s of installed power. We do not achieve this by reducing housing costs, we do so by obtaining the greatest power per occupied m². We find the balance point between infrastructure cost and profitability per m2..


Diversifiable risk

Also known as idiosyncratic risk, it is that type of risk that affects a group of assets, and through good diversification it can practically be annulled.

An investor has a capital of 100,000 USDᵀ invested in Bitcoin miners. He keeps them housed in a conventional, air-cooled farm in one location. In this scenario, he has a risk of 100% of his capital and his benefits in the event of an accident, such as: fire, theft,supply cut.
The same individual in our business model has a diversified position, and the risk in the same scenarios decreases to 10% of his capital and its benefits.


From the beginning

Our clients express their experience in Bitcoin mining.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Belen, and he told me about the possibility of enter the world of bitcoin mining. At first I had many doubts, he was basic Chinese for me, but all the guys in the team quickly introduced me and I was very passionate. Super grateful, the potential this has is incredible and I would have liked to have entered earlier, it's nice to be part of it.

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I was always curious about bitcoin but I didn't enter, like many, until it boomed. Then I met the guys at SAM and they taught me that I could purchase in bitcoin through mining. My experience is great and I highly recommend it, they make everything very simple so that people like me can get involved without it being chaotic. Several months ago I recovered my capital and I continue to obtain bitcoin month after month. Cheer up, you won't regret it!

We are a community of innovators

SAM's constant innovation is the result of the risk involved in trying to create businesses with new technologies.


SAM vs. Conventional Mining

Our competitive advantages allow us to offer a way to enter the cryptocurrency mining market in an innovative and safe way.


* Under our innovative model of bitcoin mining under liquid immersion

  • Installation in residential areas
  • Safe Overclocking
  • Transferable to another provider
  • low hosting cost
  • Domestic electricity rate
  • Low risk of fire
  • Air-conditioned cooling
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Low electrical power
  • Low noise levels
  • Discretion
  • Low cost in infrastructure

Conventional Mining

*Farm with air cooling from Argentine suppliers is used as a reference

  • Installation in residential areas
  • Safe overclocking
  • Transferable to another provider
  • Low hosting cost
  • Domestic electricity rate
  • Low risk of fire
  • Air-conditioned cooling
  • Liquid cooling
  • Low electrical power
  • Low noise levels
  • Discretion
  • Low investment in infrastructure
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