South American Miners, known as SAM, is the first Start Up Latam to set up autonomous Bitcoin mining farms through the liquid immersion system.
South American Miners allows you to invest in an autonomous Bitcoin mining farm. You must first contact a business advisor who will guide you through the entire process, which will culminate in the acquisition of a farm under the liquid immersion cooling system.
Our farms allow mining mainly Bitcoin, but it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 algorithm.
Cryptocurrency mining is the process in which miners use computing power (hash), to process transactions on the web and earn rewards, in this case Bitcoin. Put another way, it is the process of adding new transaction records as blocks to the blockchain.
The miners are computers that solve mathematical accounts until they obtain, validate a new block from which they receive a reward (the bitcoins that you earn for mining). You do not need to be an expert to enter the cryptocurrency business, anyone can and Sam makes it easy. At Sam we are constantly looking for solutions to facilitate the entire process.
As long as Bitcoin exists and is traded, the algorithm needs miners. Therefore, a Bitcoin mining business has a fairly secure future, it has appreciated in recent years, which makes us believe that it could be even more profitable in the future.